Proactive Planning

Locust Project works with homeowners, business owners, and municipalities from our home in Nashville, TN. We support our clients through planning, design, and construction, providing plan management to help you enjoy your property for years to come.

With our experienced knowledge of the approval process, our team helps you save money, foresee problems, and avoid headache.

Integrated Team

Locust Project speaks the language of civil engineers, structural engineers, geotech engineers, architects, designers, interior designers, wildlife biologists, and environmental engineers because we collaborate with them to connect the inside to the outside for a truly beautiful space.

Holistic Approach

After an initial consultation, The Locust Project team plans all aspects of landscape architecture and design across all phases of construction. We outline the necessary steps for implementing your vision while complementing the natural and environmental features of your space. We help you consider future planning needs like additions and accessibility modifications so your space grows and evolves with your needs over time.

Service Areas

Our expertise covers the following service areas: